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     My Exam point is a web page developed by the SUCCESSTAR TEAM to create avenue for all Nigerian students and admission seekers to help themselves in one way or the other.
     My Exam point is a place where everybody work as a team as well as admin in the course of ;
  • Free unlimited jamb and post utme cbt exam practice with ease.
  • Uploading of past questions and answers for people and other members to practice.
  • Editing / deleting of the previous inappropriate question and answer uploaded by other members.
  • Making a reasonable post in the forum page as a form of guidance to all admission seekers and current students.
  • Posting of reasonable questions on what is bodering your academics in the Question & Answer page and also providing appropriate answers to the asked questions on the page.
  • Deleting of false or inappropriate information posted by users on the forum page.
  • Posting of current or latest news so as to keep the members and large audience up to date on what is going on in the educational sector.
  • Removing of false or inappropriate information posted by users on the news page.
  • Full participation in the student connect social platform for the very best of interactions, sharing of useful informations, ideas, tips and lot of social activities with colleagues, friends, and all other people with common interest. To know more about STUDENT CONNECT click here.
    All the above expressions are the expected qualities of a good member and with all these, we hope it would go a long way in contributing positively to our educational sector. So upload today so that you and your loved ones can have something to work with or build on tommorrow, there is no limit to how far you can upload. If you have any any problem on usage contact us at help@my exampoint.com
     My Exam point terms of use include;
  • You are solely responsible for all your actions on this page.
  • On no circumstances must you upload formulated questions or post false information on this page.
  • You have the priviledge of making alot of changes on this page, but if you misuse it you may eventually lose the priviledge and you can as well be ban from this page.
  • If you copy news / post from another web page, endeavour to provide the web page title and the link to the post in the space provided on the news page.
  • You agree to upload as much as possible past questions to this page on the long run, and also to contribute positively to this page.
  • You agree to post the right data at the right place, on no circumstances must you upload PUTME question to UTME upload page or making any irrelevant post or uploads, if their is any; make the appropriate correction immediately.
  • You will be far away from all form of sentiment in editing or deleting data uploaded by others.
  • On the long run, you agree not to constitute nuisance to this page.
    After all the write up above, some good for nothing will still go ahead to violate all the rules, but one thing is that you are only doing yourself and not the central admin because the central admin is already a graduate from one of the Nigerian top institution, any nuisance you constitute here will one day affect your young ones and friends that will eventually visit this platform in their course of preparation for the UTME or PUTME or both. So i will advice you to plant a good seed today because no one can tell who will eventually benefit from the question or post you add to this page.
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