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     What's the difference between a civil and a public servant?

Civil service is an organ in d executive arm of govt, primarily responsible for d execution of govt policies n program. Civil service is divided in depts, these departments are called ministries n these ministries are headed by ministers. CIVIL SERVANTS R SIMPLY THOSE WORKING FOR D GOVT, UNDER THESE MINISTRIES. Easier put, civil servants are govt workers, federal, state or local govt.
Plz note that civil service doesn't include d following.....police, armed forces, public corporation n govt owned establishment.....BUT AN INCLUSION OF THESE BODIES (just mentioned) TO D CIVIL SERVICE IS WHAT'S CALLED "PUBLIC SERVICE".
What makes it "public" is that these set of pple also work for govt (like civil servants) but render direct services to d pple on behalf of d govt.

I hope I've answered u Ma'am
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A civil servant is a civilized servant, a public servant is a servant in a public place.

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They are all profitable (to Nigerian standard) but mainly depends on 2 things.....your level and d tier of govt u work for.
Civil service runs from level 1 - 17, salaries also varies, depending on your level (Hope u get that). But fed govt, state. N local govt don't pay equally......Person A, B, C all work for federal, state n local respectively, Peraon A will earn d most, followed by B and then C.....that's if they are on same level.

I hope I've answered u?
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@ Anikky7
Best answer so far. Another difference is Civil servant work direct services for Govt through it many ministries(ministry of education, ministry of defence etc) while public servants work for agencies or institutions establish by govt to render not-for-profit services to the citizen(public hospitals, police force, nepa-when it was owned and financed by govt, public school teachers etc.
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Femcy poxy
this reminds me of my wonderful government teacher in secondary school
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Civil servants are government workers, public servants are government employees.
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