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     Are they going to re-open kwara poly portal again after closing tomorrow pls i need good answer pls?

No, they aren't,once they close the portal and u haven't paid ur school fees,it means u have forfeited d admission
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They will re-open it but, they will add some amount to it....
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Pls for those of you who are yet to pay for Sch fee,come on Monday ooo for exam you will be given form to fill because you don%u2019t have Matric no yet once you know that you will pay your school fee,so don%u2019t feel relax at home that you have not pay your school fee you will not be allowed.come to Sch for exam you will just face little stress before you can be allowed to exam hall ,if not you have not been cleared you would have pay your school fee,pls and pls don%u2019t say I didn%u2019t know come for exam on Monday.
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I am Oscar murphy and i am here to thank God that professor,Matthew 07050594119 was able to wipe my tears this year because my parents told me that this 2019 jamb is going to be the last jamb they will register for me because i have been writting this same jamb since 2015 and there was no way out due to low score, that same thing happened to me this year 2019 jamb and i started crying again because i score 178 and all i need is 250 and above, that was how i came across professor,Matthew 07050594119 detail here on this web site so many people talking good things about him that was how i called him and explain everything to him he ask me to stop crying and send down all my exam details and i send everything to him he called me in few minutes to go and check my result i now went to the cafe i found out that professor.matthew 07050594119 has upgraded my jamb score from 178 to 290 glory be to God almighty you can contact him now if you want to upgrade your jamb score and your waec score, now i know that there are real people who work in jamb office you can call him if you want any assistance :07050594119
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