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Federal polytechnic, offa student connect offers all form of discussion, interactions, school life, admission process and lots of gist for all the fedpoffite in the hood.
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Good afternoon group i am a new member
It's high time we seperate the men from the boys,the post of SUG PRESIDENT is like a post of Nigeria PRESIDENT and no one can stand him,not even the Governor of Kwara state,the Rector of federal polytechnic offa or the DEAN STUDENT'S AFFAIRS...No matter how level of the intimidation on CAMPUS, Comrd. Tijani Kameel is still the SUG PRESIDENT and no one can stop him,he has be ordain by God Almighty and anybody who so ever want to crush his way,May Allah Taa'ala crushes all the entire ... see more
If we keep silent it does not determine that we are fools. It just that we are the architect of justice and peace around the nitty gritty facts about situations on campus. Imagine THAT AQUAB parading himself as the SUG president throughout the classes which he was later sent out in some classes with I.D card put on in class removed when he was out of the class. That was nothing but a dealt of
# IMPERSONATION of power. When ... see more
It is very sad when pple we elected to protect nd fight on behalf of all students of federal polytechnic offa, but rather than doing their assignment they are the one causing commotion in the campus which is very bad. u are a disgrace to the entire students of fedpoffa. the freshers are watching u pple fighting, is this the legacy u want to leave for them? it is better not to have S.U.G than having u people as our representatives. What has never happen in history of fedpoffa especialy increase ... see more
Pls what is really happen in fedpoffa are they not giving nd pt second batch addmission this year befause am totally fed up
D skul started lecture today yet sum ar not adminted, wot is goin to apen nao
Pls where is SUG president?

This is how issue of acceptance fee came up nd never resolved. The SUG President should comment about this issue of school fee, he should let's know his stand, are we to pay it or not? If management proposed school as #41000 is very normal but if their is no one to oppose it, definitely they will impose on us. I could remember my ND days when d school management asked us to pay #20500 , Yah Omus asked us not to pay till further notice, a week later ... see more
Pls. hw much is HND 1 (FT) fee?. pls i need a quick response to this.
I want to draw d attention of our SUG President Anti Virus, to d charges called "E portal access fees" dat is included in our Skul fees ".

This is an exploitation. Are we going to be paying for accessing d school portal? This is unethical and u, d Chief Servant of fedpoffites has to question d management for charging such fees.

Let d management knws dat u are in dat position to fight for d rights of d students not for ur selfish interest.

... see more
PT school fees 41k
Acceptance 10500
SunDRY 9500
TOTAL- 61,000
Hahahahahhahaahhaha SUG is working!!!
HND Students can check their results online by following these steps:

1. You should have an Interswitch powered debit card, verve card or master card and Load money into it
2. Login to the portal
3. Select My Polytechnic and then MyResult
4. Click Remita Icon to Make Payment
5. One payment from a student will allow him/her to check results 3 times.
I heard dat offa will will use their old method to admit student, when there is no post utme again. Nd some1 said dat anytime from now they will be pastin their admision list. Is dat true?
NA wetin we people do fedpofa Wey una kn wan release DS 2nd batch ..... is unfair since all DS dayx NA wa oooo
Pls, hw much is d acceptance fees n HND1 school fees?
I heard that second semester result is out,is this true