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Posted on January 11, 2017
National Open University of Nigeria has finally launched her new portal, This was confirmed in a Telephone conversation at about 11:28am with the school media and publicity chairman Mr Ibrahim Sheme who disclosed it has been launched.
Impact-TrustINFO : Has the school finally launch the portal?
He said; Yes,as i speak to you am presently on the website,
Impact-TrustINFO ;So student can now access their portal?
He affirmed: Yes, From today.
After conversation with the media and publicity chairman, Impact-TrustINFO got some feed backs from students who registered on the portal successfully but could not access some features like E-wallet, Course and Exam Registration and some student complained about getting feedback after registration that their (name is not on the programme list).
With this development, Impact-TrustINFO made a call through to the department in charge of the school portal National Open University Management of Information System(NOUNMIS) as regards the challenges faced by the student on the new portal and it was disclosed the portal is still undergoing a test-run from next week student can check back to see development.
Impact-TrustINFO ; Student are having some challenges with the portal like Your name is not on the programme list please contact Admin officer what do they about it?
The site is still undergoing a test run , some of the features like course and exam registration,remita, application are not available for now and student should check back next week.
Impact-TrustINFO would advise students to be very patient with the school management as the new portal is undergoing a test run. Get ready for the semester activities like getting course materials, enrolling for private classes and other related activities.
First you need to do a Portal Registration before log in.
Step 1: Visit the new link
Step 2: Click on Register
Step 3: Enter Details
Programme* i.e your department and degree e.g (Mass communication BSC)
Matric Number *
Surname *
Other Names *
Email *
Mobile Number*
Password *(Should not be less than 9 characters)
Verify Password *
Step 4: Click Submit
if it shows you Success! then you can log in. If not kindly check back next week.

NOTE: Most features arent working as its undergoing a test-run, just be patient and try back next wee

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What is .com doing in an institution website? Has it been finally commercialised?
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It speaks alot about the human capacity to handle such a website. At the long run it will even cost the management higher more than the previous vendor. The features are not userfriendly at all.
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Dat's very 9ice
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