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*Thought for the Day* It's not your responsibility to make everybody happy, but try as much as you can not to upset anybody. Our souls are created to survive for just a while on this earth after which they shall depart it.
Let's smile, let's forgive and most importantly, let us be merciful to one another.

To guarantee ourselves inner peace we must learn to forget every evil and blackmail done to or against us in this life. Nothing in this life is permanent. Indeed Almighty loves those that are merciful.
#QUOTE !!! "We reap what we sow. We cannot expect apples when we have sown the seed of a cactus."

#HADITH !!! "Work a mile and console a sick person, walk two miles and reconcile two with each other."

[Bukhari and Muslim]

#AYAT !!! "Surely Allah enjoins the doing of justice and the doing of good (to others) and the giving to the kindred, and He forbids indecency and evil and rebellion; He admonishes you that you may be mindful."

[Qur'an 16v90]

*15. Preferable practices in Shrouding*

In shrouding, the following practices are recommended and should be observed while preparing a body for burial.

*A- The shroud should be nice, clean, and large enough to cover the entire body*

This is based on a narration of Ibn Majah and Tirmizhi, who regard it a sound hadith from Abu Qatadah that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said: "If one of you is a guardian ... see more
#QUOTE !!! If you don't understand whats going on in your life, don't get discouraged or frustrated. The Almighty knows what we dont. He never promised that everything would make sense, but He did promise that you would be ok in the end! Just trust Him!

#HADITH !!! "When I was talking on the night journey, I came across a people with nails made from copper scratching their faces and chest and I said: " who are these dear jibril? They are those that eat the fleshes of people and tampering with their honours."

[Abu Dawud]
#AYAT !!! "O you who believe avoid most of suspicion, for surely suspicion in some cases is a sin, and do not spy nor let some of you backbite others. Does one of you like to eat the flesh of your dead brother? But you abhor it and be careful of your duty to ALLAH, surely ALLAH is oft returning to mercy and merciful."

[Qur'an 49:12]
#QUOTE !!! Everything you do comes back to you; whether good or bad. Youre a reflection of what you put out into the world. If you constantly use & abuse people, life will use and abuse you. If you dedicate your life to doing good, you will be rewarded. Be positive, kind & compassionate.

#HADITH !!! Allah does not accept charity from goods acquired by embezzlement as He does not accept prayer without purification.

#AYAT !!! Allaah intends for you ease, and He does not want to make things difficult for you.

[QUR'AN 2:185]
#QUOTE !!! How foolish is man. He ruins the present by
worrying about the future, but weeps in the
future by recalling the past.
#HADITH !!! "ALLAH has sanction upon his servant five daily prayers. He who brings them forth (on the day of judgment) happens not to have neglected anything in them, profaning their obligations, shall have a pledge from ALLAH to enter Paradise"

#AYAT !!! "But there came after them an evil generation, who neglected prayers and followed sensual desires, so they will meet perdition "

[QUR'AN 19:60]
Asalamualikum Warahmatu Wabarakatuhu brothers and sisters.

We have literally become obsessed with taking photos and videos of ourselves and others. Its just another way of separating our lives that we show off on social from reality. Somehow, our devices have become our vices; they've begun to control our lives!

Remember youre not a burden. Youre not worthless. The All-Mighty Allah made you and youve every right to be here. Dont ever feel that the world would b ... see more
#QUOTE !!! It's wrong to think that your life means nothing. The Almighty has created you for a reason and instead of thinking bad and low about yourself, you must strive towards finding your purpose and why He has created you. Be confident but dont let it turn into arrogance and pride!

#HADITH !!! "If one of you loves his brother, let him inform him that he loves him."

[Ahmad 16303]
#AYAT !!! The Pharaoh said "O nobles, I am not aware of any other lord of yours but myself. So, O Haman, fire some clay (bricks) to build a tower for me that I may mount up (and see) the God of Moses; for I think he is a liar."

[QUR'AN 28:38]
#QUOTE !!! If youre tempted to share something on social media, investigate before you do. Anything you post comes from you, which means youre responsible for its accuracy, even if you got it from somewhere else. Things can come back to haunt you in the most unimaginable way. Be wary.

#HADITH !!! "Never belittle anything from good deeds even if you meet your brother with a smiling face."

[Muslim 6690]