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The Disadvantages Of The National Open University Of Nigeria...

1. National Open University has been barred from the compulsory National youth Service Scheme due to not meeting up with N.U.C Specifications.

2. B.S.C Nursing in National Open university of Nigeria has been withdrawn

3. B.S.C Community health and extension worker has been changed to public health has instructed by the NUC

4. There Is Endemic Corruption In The National Open University Of Nigeria fees Charges due to the E-payment of School fees.

5. NOUN Centers across the country are the worst educational environment you can ever think of in the country that an average primary school is better off

6. NOUN student doesn't participate in the compulsory NYSC

7. NOUN student are less Employed on the field due to lack of experience

8. NOUN student are not paid the stipulated N10000 0r 15000 after industrial attachment.

9. Students do not attend lectures in Noun, they only read their course materials which are not always readily available for collection in their School library

10. Young NOUN Students are easily turn into destitute. My neighbors that are studying in NOUN, Smoke Weed/Cigarette, Alcohol, Womanize e.t.c till they eventually graduate.

11.NOUN Student are not researchers.

12 T.M.A (Tutor marked Assignment) portal has been hacked, students go directly there to collect readily available answers for test and examination, thereby enabling student to no longer need to study for TMA to get 30/30 in the Tutor marked assignment cause it is share, for sale e.t.c amongst themselves of which same Exposed TMA are to be repeated again in their examination.

13. NOUN is not on Nigeria university rankings according to the best institution in Nigeria. so therefore not competing with the conventional universities

14. There is total confusion in the System

15 Student union is totally forbidden in the tertiary institution

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In short, the National Open University Of Nigeria is the worst Tertiary Institution anywhere across the globe. I will therefore strongly urge the National University commission to Look into the System of this tertiary institution and removed the institution out of the existing educational system in Nigeria.

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