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Things To Do After Writing Your Post Utme...

Post-UTME is obviously the final stage in your admission journey before your institution finally admits you. However, there is always a long waiting period after Post UTME. This period is arguably the most boring period for most Jambites. Therefore, this article will focus on top 5 things to do after writing Post UTME.

The period between your Post UTME examination and you getting admission is really not easy. There is always eagerness and anxiety. Well, below are the 5 things to do after writing Post UTME.

Things To Do After Writing Post UTME

#1. Relax

One of the things to do After Writing Post UTME is to relax. In fact, during this period, sleep well, eat well, see a lot of movies and catch fun generally.

Try to make good use of this time as you may not have this opportunity again once you gain admission.

Ordinarily, after Writing your Post UTME, you can stop reading for a while. This will make you recover fully while preparing to face University stress.

#2. Prepare All The Documents You Need For Clearance

The best time to prepare your documents for school clearance is immediately after Post UTME. As a matter of fact, try to get all your original credentials including WAEC result.

This will make you be well organized and composed, while others will be under pressure sorting out their documents related matter.

#3. Know Your School Fees And Other financial requirements

Also, part of the things to do After Writing Post UTME is researching the school fees of your institution of choice. Equally, inquire about other financial requirements outside school fees.

Once you have the idea, start looking for the money before the time comes. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most important things to do after writing Post UTME.

Many students have forfeited their admission due to inability to meet up with financial requirements. However, if you start hustling for your school fees even before the admission list is out, you will be able to pay.

#4. Learn One or two tech skills

Remember we are in the information age when some of the world richest billionaires are tech guys. Learning a tech skill After Writing Post UTME will definitely make like easy for you in school.

For instance some of the top education bloggers like flashlearners, o3schools etc are all students but they are doing well.

However, It is not a must that you become a blogger. But you can be a website designer, freelance writer, graphic designer etc. any of these skills will make life easy for you.

#5. Learn More About Your Institution of choice

Learning more about your school of choice is also one of the things to do after wring your entrance examination.

Once you are able to know more about your school, you will easily blend into the system upon resumption.


Hustle big during dis small time so when u resume, na dem go de rush u
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Further your education in a 1st world country if your first attempt at UTME or post-UTME does not go well .
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