Tips On How To Prepare And Pass Post Utme Exam...

1. Disregard Jamb score:
Ignoring Jamb score is the main thing I caution each post utme candidate to do,because if your jamb score aint too good it might weaken your zeal for reading
Try not to let whatever you had in Jamb get into your head. Truly, your Jamb score may end up being your greatest destruction.

Throughout the years, I have discovered that those with low Jamb score perform superior to those with higher score. This in light of the fact that the individuals who had high score in Jamb are more relaxed and lazy. They think Jamb score will do everything for them. Then again, those with low Jamb score do everything to impact post utme. It is their last expectation.

Few years ago i came accross a boy lamenting on how he was denied admission after scoring high in jamb,i Asked him to show me his post utme scores and it was awful.Most universities like uniben,unilag,o.a.u all make very good use of the post utme as they divide it by your jamb score.
Regardless of whether your Jamb score was alright, your principle concentration currently ought to be the means by which to pass your post UTME and pick up admision once and for all.

2. Have Admission Vision (Av):
The issue with numerous applicants is that they don't have vision; they are visionless. If wishes were also horses biscuit beggar would ride.

To guarantee that you can read and pass post utme in one week, you should say no to the following:
24 hours on Facebook
Unimportant talk on Whatsapp
2Go And Gossip on Twitter
Following and Looking for followers on Instagram
Investing excessively energy before your TV

The main thing you should permit to trouble you are things that are identified with your post utme and would enable you to gain admission.

3. Have Sense Of Urgency:
Carry on with your existence with feeling of earnestness. Have the mindset, "I am behind schedule"
Do everything you have to do with as fast as possible. Even if it involves you missing out on core functions like mosques,church ,do it.Your pastors or imam are not the ones writing post jamb for you it is you and no one else.
Just Know this

If you miss admission this year, you will surely take Jamb again next year. What if you get unlucky? Two years will just go like that,before you know it will be three years and you will still be at home and not in the university

You don't have much time Therefore, invest the little energy you have astutely to achieve the most critical tasks reolevant to your 2018 post utme.
Make sure you have good text books and lots of pastquestions to prepare for this 2018 post utme;let me tell you ,most of these universities repeat past questions alot so its wise if you practice the past question very well.You can start solving from the year 2013-2017 sovlve it twice, because "repetition is the master of perfection"

4. Disregard Reading:
When i say forget reading your books i dont mean go back to sleeping 15 hours a day ,move to the next paragraph to see what i mean

You read for your waec and Jamb,isn't it okay? Fine The questions you will get in post utme are not far what you have already read in Jamb and Waec.

Forget about breaking your heads on new topics or reading to wide ,there is no time at all before you know it ,your exam day is here.Don't read your text book over and over again,this will definitely do more harm than good.
You might ponder, if not reading, what would be a good idea for me to do? Bounce to number five and nine for what you ought to do as opposed to reading new topics

5. Study With Post UTME Past Questions:
What makes a difference right currently is your capacity to realize what your school wants and how to answer their questions and score high in post utme.

Past questions are prediction of future questions. solving them completely makes you a post utme prophet.

Studying past questions make you have an idea of the type and pattern of questions your school sets including the topics that are likely to come out and also how to tackle them in the exam hall;you will see most of the questions repeated in the exam.

Your school rehashes past questions word for word. Try not to be bamboozled by what anybody tells you

Would it be a good idea for me to think about post utme past questions alone? thats a big NO. I said study with past questions by your side and not post utme past questions alone.This suggests your text book and post utme past questions ought to be at your table. You require them two. The text book is to cross check the questions you don't know about in the Past Question Paper.

Try your best to solve past questions as long as you find them.But let me warn you do not cram past questions;rather endeavour to understand how the answers are gotten and continue solving without looking at the answer

Like i said solve a particular question or year thrice,the more you solve a particular problem, the more you are used to it.
practicing once is very risky as you might forget and trust me you wont like writing anoher jamb anmd post jamb it is an experience i do not wish for even my enemies.

6. Enhance Your Speed and Accuracy:
Speed and accuracy are the most extreme necessities in post utme. You generally don't have time to finnish the exam. Your most solid option is to figure out how to answer questions at the speed of light. That is why i always advice candidates to time themselves when solving post utme past questions. Writing post utme of top schools like obafemi awolowo university, unilag, delsu unn etc ,
Requires your "speed" This is one of ythe most important factors

7. You Need Jamb And Waec Questions:
Schools likewise set waec and Jamb standard inquiries in their post Jamb. Reconsidering Jamb and waec past questions won't be a terrible thought for you.

8. Answer Random Questions:
You can pick questions from anywhere and try to solve it,be aggressive and voracious because at this point The lion in you is needed.

9. Solve without using calculators:
Most schools don't permit the use of calculators in post utme,notably schools like unibadan. Your most logical option is to rehearse post utme questions without calculators. Fortunately, The good news is that, the questions your school shall set are solvable without calculator

10. Make english your focus.
In many schools, questions from the use of English carries the lion share. E.g, in the event that you can answer just the English questions accurately in Uniben post utme, you will pass. Look over your use of English.

11. Continue Visiting And Any Other Good Tutorial Center:
Each incredible man is a helped man. You can't do everything alone. The voyage is too far that you may end up walking alone.

You require individuals to coach you. I will counsel you continue coming to for guidance and as well attend any good lecture house around. It will be of great help to you.

Will It Work For My School?
This guide in this article will work for any school of your decision and furthermore answers the questions

I am certain you discovered this article extremely helpful. Don't hesitate to impart to others and don't neglect to disclose to me how you feel utilizing the comment box.


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