Most Common Mistakes In Nigerian Spoken English...

Hello, I'm a Nigerian(proud) and privileged to have quite a number of American, Aussie and British friends from my time overseas.

I noticed many Nigerians new to English countries can't bring Native English Speakers to understand them, largely due to wrong pronunciations and phrases which has become cliche in our country today. Some common mistakes:

He is a MATURED guy - 'mature'

Are you sick? SORRY! - sorry is an apology and should be tendered only when you are responsible for a sickness, hurt, offence or misunderstanding. What you should say is Are you sick? Oh what a pity, have you taken some medicine?

There is only one CRITERIA to consider - criterion criteria is plural.

Where can we get MINERAL to buy - soft drink, soda or fizzy drink

Go to the bar and TAKE one beer - conventionally 'to take' means to steal (I got in trouble for this in England). Instead say Go to the bar and have a beer or Go get a drink off the bar

Hello! Hello! Who's speaking? I AM HEARING YOU - I can hear you

Have you had your BATHE - Have you had a bath or Are you bathed now

When are you GOING TO GO to Abuja - When do you leave for Abuja or When are you going / headed Abuja

Don't disrespect him, he is your SENIOR BROTHER - older brother

You insult me? I'm COMING FOR you! - I once said this in England, they all thought I was about hejaaculating. You best say coming after you

I studied ACCOUNTING in uni - Accountancy

Give me your BIRO - pen

I AUTOMATICALLY knew she didn't like me - automatically is used for machines and electric equipments. Best you say I knew right away she didn't like me

I like your JEANS JACKET - denim jacket

They are secondary school STUDENTS - students are used mainly for higher institutions and colleges. They are secondary pupils

There are many more but these will do for now.
Do you know some common errors and corrections?