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The Secrets Of Distinction In Higher Institution...

The fact that you are in the higher institution or about to enter is not a big deal,the most important thing and the expectation of people is what you come out with(YOUR GRADE).

I will like us to start with a practical analysis. Lets take a look at the short conversation that came up between two students in an institution.

SPEAKER 1 : Hello,how was your acc211 exam result?
SPEAKER 2 : omo nah re-run oh.
SPEAKER 1 : what of MTH217?
SPEAKER 2 : That one too nah re-run jare.
SPEAKER 1 : And BAM212?
SPEAKER 2 : Guy,nah like 8 re-run I get and I like am. This school is really interesting,I want to spend more years here.

Did I just hear you say what?!
This writeup is meant for people who knows why they are in the higher institution or what they are going there for.

It is not to be doubted that the higher institution is a free world but one would be heading for the rocks if he or she does not take important the primary reason for being there.

Business firms today employ's the services of young,intelligent and vibrant youths of the labour market.

If those at the top sponsor their children to school oversea,must we lay in ignorance and let them come back and take over from where their fathers stopped?

If our voice must be heard,then our certificates and knowledge must be standard as this is the only weapon we have.It is impossible to just sit in your comfort zone and expect everything to start falling in place,we are not in camelot and you are not merlin.

1)You need to have a mindset : For you to do or become anything,you need to desire it. The whole of your body must be ready to work towards the achievement of such goal. From my little experience,I will tell you that if you are in distinction in your department,you will automatically command respect. You will make few speeches because your GP[Grade Point] will speak for you. So,you need to decide in your mind that you are going for distinction and nothing less.

2)Discipline : A disciplined person can also be referred to as a principled individual. Someone who has a target or a goal don't need to make friends with everybody. Some people are parasites,they only want to see you go down. Some just find pleasure seeing you stagnant. Move with people you can gain from,people with experience in your field of study. Time discipline is also an important factor. When a man fails to properly manage his time,then his life and future is in danger. Countless adults wish they can reverse time to make amendment but unfortunately,it is late. That is why a time wasted can never be regained.MAKE GOOD USE OF YOUR TIME ALWAYS.

3)Never Sleep Over A Topic : This is one of the reasons why students fail in schools today. When a student piles up note leaving them unread,he is personally setting a trap for himself.
Compiling of result in the higher institution comes from the following angles :
* Attendance in class
* Submission of assignments
* Snap tests
* Mid-semester exam
* Examination.
When a student revises what is been taught in class in a day,he gets to have more understanding of the work better and tends to become equipped and ready for any sudden or immediate test that might come up.

It also reduce the exam tension of such individual as proper foundation has been layed since the genesis of the semester.

4)Never Joke with assignments,class attendance and necessary text books : Lecturers take their assignment very seriously and would stop at nothing to deal with anyone who fails to do it. Through doing assignments, you get to increase your initial scores and also get a wider knowledge about the course topic which will be of great use to you. In addition,recommended