Deciding And Building For Yourself A Bright Future As A Student...

What are you doing when there are vacant seats at the top?

Do you have hope for a bright and rewarding future or are you only concerned about the present?

If you will become great in life,it is in your hands. It is a pity that so many people have handed over their lives to friends. So many people can't make decisions on their own,they give in to what other people say or instruct them to do.

They can't identify what is good for them so they allow peer presure to toss them around like a dice.

You don't have to put in for everything,always take your stand. "20 friends they say can never play together for 20years."

The life of your friend is different from yours,when you make it in life,you will be surrounded by them but when you end up otherwise,they will never attach themselves with you. This is why you should be careful of the friends you keep.

There are some friends that does not see beyond their nose. All they know and want to enjoy is the present,they have no hope for the future. Do you know that a time is coming when you will remember today but the question is, WILL YOU REMEMBER IT FOR GOOD OR IN REGRETS?

You need to make up your mind today and admit that you own your life and determines what it will be in the nearest future. Do you have an idea of the plans that those you are moving with have for their lives? You need to grow up,some are planning big for their lives but pretend to be innocent when they are with you.

For you to become great in life,you must make an uncommon move. Never settle for low standards,create a space for yourself at the top,be among the generals that move and shake the world.

So many people today so much wish that they can reverse time so that they can make corrections but what a pity,it is no longer possible. As I have always said, WHO GAVE BIRTH TO YOU, WHERE YOU WHERE BORN, AND HOW YOU WHERE BORN can never be the reason for your failure in life because we have seen people with poor backgrounds make it in life.

A time will soon come when you will have no strength but the only thing that will sustain you is that which you have been able to do now that you are young and vibrant.

Take charge of your life,never give up and together we will get to the top.