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20 Most Common Syntax Error In English Language...

The topic borders on the commonest syntax errors virtually everyone is guilty of while employing the Queen's Language. Without further razzmatazz, they are:

1) Incorrect: We discussed about the programme
Correct: we discussed the programme

2) Incorrect: I repeat again that I won't go there
Correct: I repeat that I won't go there

3) Incorrect: The boys returned back at 6 o'clock
Correct: The boys returned at 6 o'clock

4) Incorrect: Nowadays, I use to wake up early
Correct: Nowadays, I wake up early (N.B "used to" is applied when something was done in the past and has now stopped)

5) Incorrect: We shall travel next tomorrow
Correct: We shall travel the day after tomorrow

6) Incorrect: Could you borrow me your pen, please?
Correct: Could you lend me your pen, please?
(Eschew confusing "borrow" with "lend"

7) Incorrect: John, off the light
Correct: John switch off the light

8) Incorrect: He eats rice everyday
Correct: He eats rice every day (every and day 're separate words)

9) Incorrect: Five plus three is equals to eight
Correct: Five plus three is equal to eight OR Five plus three equals eight

10) Incorrect: My body is scratching me
Correct: My body itches me (so I'm scratching it)

11) Incorrect: I saw Moses last three days
Correct: I saw Moses three days ago

12) Incorrect: My sister has a beauty saloon
Correct: My sister has a beauty salon {saloon (a car) should not be mistaken for salon (a beauty arena)}

13) Incorrect: More grease to your elbow
Correct: More power to your elbow

14) Incorrect: If one goes to Johannesburg, he will see skyscrapers
Correct: If one goes to Johannesburg, one would see skyscrappers

15) Incorrect: I and Cobhams attended the function
Correct: Cobhams and I attended the function

16) Incorrect: We had toast bread for dinner
Correct: We had "toast" for dinner

17) Incorrect: Aliko Dangote is my sole sponsorer
Correct: Aliko Dangote is my sole sponsor

18) Incorrect: You can't eat your cake and have it
Correct: You can't have your cake and eat it (baffles you? Well, we have no choice than to conform to the precedence of the context)

19) Incorrect: He lives in a three bedroom flat
Correct: He lives in a three bedroomed flat

20) Incorrect: What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
Correct: What's "sauce" for the goose is "sauce" for the gander.

Incorrect: The meeting will hold on Monday
Correct: The meeting will be held on Monday OR The meeting will take place.... (It is worthy of note that events don't hold by themselves; people hold events)

Feel free to add yours. We 're all supposed to be open and alive to the cycle of constant learning.

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