7 Types Of People To Avoid In School...

The memories you make at your university will be like none other.

The friends you make will, more often than not, remain with you for a lifetime. We make most of our friends on the first day itself, because the people we sit with and hang out with initially tend to stick around. So, it is essential that you select your friends wisely and know the kind of people to avoid.

Check out the seven kinds of people you should definitely avoid.

1.The spoilt brat:

There is always at least one brat in each class. They usually have rich parents and may not need to depend on good grades like you do. Their lifestyle will be something you may not be able to cope with. Unless they're nice and friendly, you might want to avoid them.

2.The tribalist:

There will be people who might hate others because of their tribe or religion. Stay far away from such people. It is also a good idea to voice your displeasure about them.

3.The loner:

You don't have to "help" these people. They usually like being left alone. Don't change that in a wave of pity.

4.The creep:

There always is one in all walks of life. Don't be rude outright, but remember to stay away.

5.The immature child:

There's always that one kid who laughs at the lamest jokes and says silly, childish things. It's best to avoid such people as it doesn't take long for them to become extremely annoying.

6.The nerd:

Yes, they may help in the short-term with notes and assignments. But establishing a long term relationship with them might be annoying if you don't share the same attitude towards studies.

7.The snob:

We live in a culture where good-looking, selfish and snobbish equals popular. Whether you're a guy or a girl, it's best to avoid such people, because they love attention and won't value you

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