Possible Way To Make Merit As A Pre-degree Student In Uniosun...

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Basically, There's total difference between passing Uniosun Pre-degree and gaining admission into Uniosun, Many will pass the Pre-degree entrance and many may not be admitted at the end of the six month program.

Let's go straight to business.
When you get to your PD campus, you should see yourself as a Jambite, Feeling like an undergraduate may just make you loose focus..
Don't play with your Jamb question.. You'll have to write two exams;

The first exam is the 1st contact exam and the second is 2nd contact exam, PD has given you an edge thereby don't waste the money, time and opportunity you have. You've gotten free chat time with few of the lecturers that will take you in 100l.

Concentrating on your 1st and 2nd contact exam matters but your Jamb and postume is most vital..

Let's me make a very good exam..
After you must have scored 182 in your Jamb, and you have 35% as your 1st contact exam and you have also you have another 35% in the 2nd contact==> 35%+35% = 70% (A very good score)

If your jamb score as stated above is 182 and you scored 23% in the postume, Let's get the aggregate for jamb and post jamb.. That will be 1828= 22.75% and your postume is 23%
The total postume score will be = 45.75
Total predgree score = 70%..

With this kind of score you might not be admitted on merit and even 2nd list and at the end see your name on the last list... Scoring high in PD doesn't mean you'll be admitted on Merit List..

Don't let this shock you But remember , you'll be admitted for SURE.

If the above scores is vice-versa i.e you have 70% as your total postume score and have 45.75% in Pre-degree you'll be admitted on Merit..

Most people think scoring high in PD will give them edge on merit.. Its not like that in Uniosun.. Your catchment don't really matter when you're a predgree student though..

Don't forget your Almighty, He's the one that gives the Grace..

There's still more, you're free to add and ask questions.

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