10 Signs You Don't Like The Course You Are Currently Studying...

These are the signs that will show in you when you are studying the course that you hate :
Have you ever been forced to study a course or given the course you don't like in higher institutions,these are the things that will show in your characters:

1.You show no interest for the course:

When a lecturer is in,teaching,you will not feel his/her presence, you will engage yourself in other things like gisting,chatting and all other sort of play,you will even go to the extent of distracting others so that they will not listen.

2.You"ll always fail the course:

Even If you wish to show some interest in the course,you"ll still fail it because you hate it,the truth is if you hate a course and a lecturer,you will surely fail it

3.You"ll not like to read the course:

Such course,you will find it difficult to read,you"ll just keep forcing yourself,

4.A day before the exam of the course,you"ll not even like to open the course textbook:

When it is a day to the exam of the course,you will just be thinking of how you will write the exam and take in expos t instead of thinking of how you will read

5.You"ll take the course lecturer as your vivid enemy:

Since you hate the course,you"ll also show some kind of hatred to the teacher and immediately you hate the teacher,you will hate the course

6.After the lecture when your mates are sharing their experiecnces,you will shun them off:

When your mates are sharing their good thoughts about the lecture,you"ll just put in another topic so that they can forget it their previous discussions,it really shows you hate the course!

7.You will always peep at your wristwatch occassionaly when you are not a time keeper lols:

All students know the meaning of this right,if you don't know,when you check you check your wristwatch when lecture is on,you want the teacher to go ASAP.

If you hate the course,that is what you"ll always do

8.You will not come to lecture room for the course lecture and even when you come,you will make sure you are late:

Assuming your lecturer told you to come for lecture by 8am,you will find ways to convince your fellow mates that it is 10am so that you will not be the only one that will be disgraced and sometimes you will even skip the lecture

9.You will become lazy when the course lecture is on:

For example,when the teacher ask you to do some classworks during the period,you will be the first person to shout that " Oga we will do it as assignment,let us not waste time "

At the end of the day,you will not attemp the assignment sef.

10. add yours

conclusion : if you hate a course and you were forced to study it by your parents,just beg them with all instruments you have and please don't fight them.

If they did not agree,just create interest for the course.

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U don't need a sign to know u hate the course you're studying
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Only dull people hate and fail courses.
Smart ones just cram the dern text book and any related material, walks straight to the Hall and offload same on d Ansa sheets.
Goes home free!
D only ish with this is that craming increases ur weight temporarily. Until u ofload

U avoid gisting and people pushing u, Cos they might discharge d crammed load n leave u empty.

A Lil "is" u forget from d crammed works can spell doom n u faill dat question.

Wise words: Know what u want in Life and Pay any price to get same.
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I don't like my course yet I pass it well. I try as much as I can to not fail any course.
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