A Rejoinder To The Reply Of Unilorin Students 'union President Unilorin, Not A Banana Republic By Toyin Abdul-smart...


By Toyin Abdul-Smart

I received with greatest dismay, the purported reply filed by University of Ilorin Students 'Union President in response to an open letter written by a concerned University of Ilorin student. In fact, my sense of logic, common sense and good judgement was defied when the supposed elitist president resulted into usage of several inventives and vituperative remarks, even though the alleged writer of the said article did not, at any point, launched verbal missiles in his epistolary rendition. The president descended so low into passing disparaging comments about the said writer's command and mastery of English language. Rather than addressing the questions put forward by the writer in his letter, the president kept filibustering with traducing statements which are capable of bringing students 'unionism into disrepute. He chided the writer as if the university students 'union is a military zone where students have to wallow in deafen silence. We wouldn't know if the union has now been declared a banana republic, given the unapproachable posturing of its helmsmen. Must students necessarily pass through the long route of conveying their worries to the university management directly? I believe the essence of any functioning students 'unionism is to bridge the wide gap between the students 'body and the university administration.

With a rare sense of candour, the reaction of the president was crude, barbaric and undemocratic. This is highly despicable of a president who did bend down low while wetting our throats with his myriad of campaign promises. At least, we could still reminisce about the overwhelming sensations watered by his campaign's flowery tang. How he cajoled our auditory sense with the then over-hyped song of change, which enjoyed massive air play in the national firmament. He persuaded us into believing that his victory would herald a new era in the university. We were all enthralled with his ever-reserved adumbrations, with the lustful imagination of a better student welfarism. Must we tag these several electoral promises a monumental deceit when his sense of purpose was getting defeated? No doubt he stooped so low into describing a fellow student an idiot, as if an overlord was chastising a meddlesome interloper. May I ask if he was being conferred with the status of a super student, who is far above others in respect of administrative and academic exploits? In case he has forgotten, someone should please remind him that, a political office is strictly meant for stewardship and accountability.Hence, he should wake up from his seeming slumber and face the realities dawning in the public space. He should as well learn and digest the several ethics and code of conduct expected of a typical visionary leader.
As inspired by Pa Obafemi Awolowo in his usual philosophical renditions, evil thrives where good men keep silent. The good men, in this assertive sense, are those intellectuals with unwarped conscience. He mean, the relentless individuals who are ready to pick the gauntlet and challenge the wrongs perpetrated by the society. Gone are the historical days of totalitarianism, which greeted criticism with abuses of all sort. Thus, in the event of current trends in the society, criticism spices the running of a responsible government. I believe the university is a microcosm of the larger society. And fortunately, our university was established in a society that embraces and operates on the principles of democracy. While invoking the power of the Nigerian constitution with its statutory stipulations, the president should be reminded that, it is democratic to express one's opinion at free will so long such expression is consigned to the port of constructive criticism. Is it not a concoction of empty ironies when the president, in his reply, comically described himself as a propeller of intellectual unionism? Perhaps, we are all not ignoramus of the notion that, raw intellectualismgrows in the pool of constructive criticisms. Therefore, it is laughable that the president, in spite of his acclaimed pedigree in law, acted in a way antithetic to the rule of law and common sense. He had, through his rather profligate manner, showed the whole world how egregious his sense of approach is. This is quite reproachable as he fumbled at a time when the university students were looking up to his assumed sensitivities.

Notwithstanding, I'm still pledging my unalloyed loyalty to his administration,though I would pretend as if everything is right. I would pretend as if I have never been hooked up in the usual transportation imbroglio on campus. I would pretend as if the concerned student was wrong by pointing that some toilet facilities are in deplorable condition. In fact, I'm affirming that my own sweat shirt had been given to me, though within the figment of my imaginations. I will equally commend the union for its historic stance in reducing electronic accessories theft on campus. At least, the memory of last semester would hold sway for those whose laptops were stolen. Lest I forget, I will like to ply the president's enviable path. I will humbly recommend him for a refresher course in philosophy, logic and Nigerian culture (GNS 211). In extension, introductory constitutional law will also do better. It will enhance Mr President's knowledge on fundamental rights and ethics of democracy. In case he so desires; our dear president is free to consult Ben Bruce's most beloveth book, Common Sense Revolution. Accept the assurance of my best regards!
Toyin Abdul-Smart is of 400 Level Law, University of Ilorin. He can be reached at toyinsmartis@gm

Anyway, we never expected contrary from a team of toothless dogs manning the values of Animal Farm. Since they too found their ways via the hands of likeminded dictators, all they have to do is megaphonning the "status quo"
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Hmmmm,thumps up man,I was so flaggerbasted when i read the letter as well,i mean how on God's green Earth will such profounly irrational statement come from a democrat,it depeat a logubriously disheartning state of unanimous uncertainty as regards our fundamental right as a union.
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