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9 Categories Of Students That Give Up From Studying Their Dream Course...

1) THE IGNORANT STUDENTS-- Ignorance is a big disease. A lot of Nigerian students are just too unaware of the courses they are going to study. Some eventually ended up wasting their four years on campus, studying a course that has no value in Nigeria. I have seen graduates of courses like Anatomy, physiology etc complaining and regretting getting a job even after graduating with a CGPA above 4.0.

2) THE "RUSHING" STUDENTS--- Some students although they have strong passion for a course but yet may give it up after about 2 , 3 UTME attempts. Reason-- They are just too in a hurry to graduate, settle down, have a job, get a wife etc. They consider time and age. As a result, such students ended up in a course they don't have passion for. Only to end up living a miserable and regretable life after university.

3) THE RELIGIOUS STUDENTS-- It is a good thing to trust in God. But many students have forgotten that God always give men opportunity for second, third etc chances.Some after trying JAMB for once and were given another course, let say, animal science instead of Medicine. Due to his over religiousness, such students may say "well, maybe God wanted me to study animal science, maybe it is the will of God, I will take the course like that". As a result, he gave up on his own dream and ambition.

4) THE POSITIVE MINDED STUDENTS-- These kind of students believe strongly that there is no course you can't be succesful in . If only you can aim to be the best in a any field you find yourself, then you are destined for the top. Regardless of whether you study agric, zoology, psychology or whatever. So when such students are denied their dream course for another course, they give it up easily.

5) THE "JOB AWAITING" STUDENTS-- This type of people also have a dream or a goal perculiar to them in life. But the over 30 industries and companies owned by their parent or any other connected family friends or relative attracted them. They will definitely get a slot or even become a general manager of one. So why should they waste time running after Law or Pharmacy? As a result they decide to settle for any course just to get a degree. It doesn't matter if they have third class or pass after their degree programme. The truth is that they already got a slot or big job waiting for them after graduation.

6) THE "SET BACK FEARFUL" STUDENT-- These type of people see other students as competitors. "All my friends are in university already, and I am still here writing JAMB because of this course I am running after" As a result, they stoop low for less course, just for the fear of been seen as a set back among their equals.

7) THE PARENT PLEASERS-- These people chose to go for that course because they were forced to do it by their parents. They never intended to study it before. A student who dreamt of been an architect, now forced into medicine and surgery.

8 )THE HYPER FEARFUL STUDENTS-- Ordinary sighting a medical textbook on anatomy or the last year's cutoff mark for medicine can make them to give up on their dream to study it. There are many things to cover and read up in medicine. So this got them scared. Such candidate might immediately go to purchase the change of course form at Jamb office the next day.

9) THE FINANCIALLY UNSTABLE STUDENTS: This aftects many students.Though they are academically qualified. But money won't allow them to study such course because it is financially demanding.So they give it up.

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