10 Reasons You Should Not Take Your Lecturer As Your Enemy...

10 Reasons You Should Not Take Your Lecturer As Your Enemy

1. You might need his help in future: You might need that your lecturer to be your referee in your curriculum vitae, you could as well run into him in your interview as one of the interviewers in your interview panel. If you don't know, know it that lecturers are sometimes hired by companies to assist them in recruiting and selecting qualified candidates for jobs in their companies. Did you know that you could meet one of your lecturers there as your interviewer? You might need that job!

2. He might take up a political appointment: This should not come as a surprise because the evidences are there. Dr. goodluck Jonathan (immediate past Nigeria President), Prof. Osinbajo ( incumbent Nigeria VP), et al were ones lecturers. It could be the turn of that your lecturer to take up one of the most sensitive political appointments in the country. If you had a very good rapour with him it might benefit you.

3. He might be related to you: I know this may sound weird but did you know that that your lecturer may be your distant uncle/aunt you are yet to meet? Yes people got to know their relative years after they have met with the person and had different encounters with them which could be positive or negative. How would you feel after many years of graduating from the higher institution you got to know that the lecturer you were robbing shoulders with when you were in school is in one way or the other related to you?

4. He can decide your fate: Your lecturer can decide to frustrate you by ensuring that you keep on failing his course until you realize your mistakes. So it is for your own interest to respect him, pass his course and move on.

5. You might fail his course: It has been observed that students fail the courses of lecturers they dislike. Your attitude towards him and his course can make you fail his course. Will your dad ask you whether you hated the lecturer or not?

7. You could be a lecturer: There is a saying in literature that "The boy is the father of the man" (paradox). The lecturer you are having loggerhead with today was once a student like you. Therefore there is possibility of you becoming a lecturer. Why not respect this lecturer of yours and get yourself respected should you become one?

8. He could be your mentor: That someone is a lecturer does not mean his life start and end with teaching. Some lecturers have other skills and talents like music, acting, blogging, writing, etc. You might not know that they have such talents and skills if you start your relationship with them with quarrels. So why not pretend you might tap from his talents and be a good student?

9. You could meet him elsewhere: Chances are you might run into your lecturer abroad or at a very critical place that you would wish you know somebody there and truth be told, you would be glad if you can greet each other than if you can't all because of altercation you had with him when you were an undergraduate.

10. You gain nothing by being stubborn: There are attitudes expected of a matured person and the least of them is allowing yourself being insulted and humiliated by a lecturer all because of some avoidable obstinate behaviour from you. So why not save yourself the embarrasment and respect that lecturer of yours?

Lecturers are not gods , and should be corrected if need be
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It really do not make sense at all. For out Nigeria of nowadays, as.s-licking can really take you places. Aside sexual requirements and other illegal and irresponsible demands from the lecturer, you should be able and willing to do his bidding just to get your grades high.
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Mukaila ismael
What about reasons why your lecturer should not quarrel with you:

1) You can be the number 1 citizen in this country

2) He might need a political appointment from you too

3) You might end up being his Inlaw (marry one of hin pikin)
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Your topic should be why lecturers should not quarrel with their students coz students of today will eventually become leaders of tomorrow
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