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12 Kinds Of Friends You Will Meet In The University...

As they say, your University years are the best years of your life... This is because of a ton of things, including the fact that these are the years you fully take advantage of your Youthful Exuberance license.

But the best part of the University, are the different characters you interact with on a daily basis and those you happen to make friends with.

So, i'm going to receive the anointing today and profile the types of friends one makes in school.

1) The Friend Of Convenience

These people are only your friends whenever it's convenient for them. They never invest into the friendship, you don't even get to meet their more prominent group of friends because they don't think you're up to the 'standard''re the friend they meet when they want to fill someone with tales of their awesome life because they want you to aspire to be like them. They enjoy the feeling of being fawned over, and they think your life is nowhere as awesome as theirs.

More often than not, the stories are filled with lies and exaggerations.

2. The Foodie Friends

These friends don't know the road to your room/house, neither do they have your contacts unless they're hungry or they see you returning from the market. Their greetings usually go, "Guy, how far? Chow dey?" Or "Babe, you cook today? Hope say my mouth dey". They are usually responsible for your provisions finishing before mid-semester

3. The Handout/ Material Friend

These ones only know you when they want to borrow handouts/material from you. They become regular visitors whenever exam period approaches. They will borrow every piece of paper they see you with, but once exams are over, dem no sabi you again.

4 The Aluta Friends

Some people come to the University to further their education, others come to further their political aspirations. These friends contest for whatever positions they can vie for from 100level and are involved in every association. They go from contesting for Parliament or PLO in 100level, once they leave that post, they hustle for a post in their Church fellowship, next up, state association, then, departmental office and if they have time left, SUG.

Some of them always act like they don't really want the job and claim people are begging them.

5. The Upcoming Musician Friends

These ones have been into music since Secondary school, they're just looking for how they'll blow. They are usually rappers, they perform at every social function they can sneak their way into in schools and usually have a bunch of hypemen who jump on stage when they perform

They usually don't graduate on time or are withdrawn.

6. The Picture Freak Friends

These ones have the life goal to take enough pictures to defy logic. They snap at least 7 pictures everyday and you have the honorable job of being their photographer.

They take selfies in class, they want to take a picture next to every nice car, beautiful flowers and fancy buildings....they even photobomb other people's photos

Worse still, if your phone has a good camera quality, just know you will be the co-owner of the phone. These friends are usually active on Instagram and Snapchat

7. The Fanatic Friend

Have you praised the Lord today? These ones are most popular in religious associations where they have held every post possible

They are a living, breathing version of your conscience, always harping the importance of Christ/Allah in your life. They drag you to the church/mosque, invite you for every event holding in God's house and use emotional blackmail if they have to.

8. The Phone Charger Friends

Their phone batteries are never full, everytime you meet them, the first thing they ask you once they've greeted you is, "Guy, how far? You hold your charger for here?"

In class, they have a permanent seat next to the working socket, they visit you at odd hours of the day and night to charge your phone. Even when they charge overnight (assuming they can finally afford a charger), the battery still dies before midday.

Whenever you go out with them, they're always lookibg for a socket to plug their phones

9. Guru Friends

These ones read from 7pm to 5am everyday, they practically combine different textbooks, materials and rarely do other things like watch football, spending time on social media except they wanna frolick on posts. these ones na dem walking encyclopedias, libraries etc.

10. Movie freak Friends

These ones are update with every movie, The Originals, Banshees, Suits, and have large collections of Wi-Fi password in their school, and every network cheat na wetin dey know pass.

11. Game Lover Friends

These ones live their happiest days in school in the night, from FIFA16 Olympics, God of Wars. My good roommate falls into this category, his mom even asked him to forget 'Game of Thrones 'now he's facing his 'Throne of Games.

12. Prayer Warriors

These sets after facing the day and it physical aspects, finishes it off in the night in the spiritual realm. They commit their future tests into God's hand, here i have lotta good friends, to the girls that invite me to their fellowship to the guys, who after fellowship is mandated to see off(escort) their female counterparts to their various hall of residence. Cos of this an old friend, has earned for himself the tag of Stan 'Walker'.

There is also visitor/waka waka friends. they are always on the move and won't spend 5 minutes in a place.
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