The Most Horrific Science Experiment!...

Which are the most horrific science experiments?

What the Unit 731 of Japanese army did is the darkest science experiments. They called the victims "woods". These woods were just materials for their experiments. They placed woods outside in coldest weather for some time, then knocked the frozen arms broken to analyse how frostbite hurt man, or put the frozen person into hot water to see what will happen. They tested all kinds of bacteria or chemical weapons on those poor people and vivisected victims to collect information about the effects ...

Most of the woods were Chinese, the others were Russians, Koreans. After the War, the U.S. detained the chief and some members of Unit 731 for sometime, and after got the experimental results, they released these devils.

Jonathan Mitchell is right. Logs is the noun Japanese used to refer to victims.
And there is a movie called Black Sun 731 filmed by Chinese about the atrocity. I have never seen it although I knew it. It is said that viewers should be strong-minded enough to see all these experiments happening.