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How Long Will A Candidate Stay In Exam Hall...

A few candidates have wondered if JAMB CBT Duration is different from the time allowed per candidate in Pencil and Paper Test. The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has been generous enough with time, and so there are no changes from the normal number of hours a candidate is permitted to stay in the exam hall.
The duration is still 3 hours ? 30 minutes.
Yes three hours and 30 minutes should be enough for any candidate that is truly prepared for the examination.
The problems most JAMBites have is that instead of reading for their forthcoming computer based exam, they are often carried away by those who deceive them that there is going to be exam runs/cheat/expos. Even the bible said that those who put their trust in chariots and in horses shall not prevail. If you need good success, get yourself acquainted with past questions (it will narrow your preparation majorly only to areas that the examiners are interested in instead of reading without a focus) and study hard ? let go of short-cuts to success!
You are expected to be present in your JAMB
Examination Center (starting from 6.00 am) in the
morning. This will help you to do biometric scanning, accreditation and other security checks before the exam proper. If you go there on time you will have time to settle and familiarize yourself with the environment ? unlike those that will arrive at the venue few minutes before exam start.