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Reasons Many Utme Candidates Have Not Received Their Results...

With plenty of complaints coming from candidates who sat for the 2015 UTME over inability to access their results even as JAMB had earlier announced that candidates will be able to see their results 2 hours after the examination. We deem it fit here to address some of the reasons that we, ve gathered could have hindered the candidates from receiving their results.

1. Failure To Provide Your Correct Phone Number Either In Your Slip Or In Your Rough Booklet: Providing JAMB With your correct number in your exam slip, or rough booklet which would be submitted later would aid the officials into sending your scores quicky to you after the system finished marking, but if the phone number you provided got lost before or after your exam the only remedy to that is to directly check your result online whenever JAMB have enebled the portal for checking of result.

2. Late Comers: We learnt that those that came late to the hall may have their results delayed as a way of punishing them for late coming. Though it will be released later.

3.Exam Malpractice: If some how you were caught in the exam hall for cheating, the invigilator could have marked your Reg. Number for malpractice without your knowledge. This could be a major reason for many not receiving their results.

4. Failure To Submit: JAMB earlier made it clear that even if a candidate is unable to submit before the system goes off that that the computer will automatically do so. However, in a case whereby the computer develops a fault and for that reason you were unable to submit it only means that your work was not submitted at such you will have no result.

5. Network Issue: Your network provider might also be one of the hindrances why you haven't seen your score, a close look at the network providers pinpoints that most Networks do not deliver bulk sms to their client, an e.g of the mobile
network include GLONIGERIA, If you know you use a glo line and haven't seen your result note that your network might also have seized your result from
delivering to your lines.

Candidates who have not seen their results for reasons different from malpractice and their work not being submitted should hold on till after the examination on 21st March 2015 as JAMB will provide an alternative means for them to access their results online.