The Five Types Of People You'll See In Oau...

1. The Deeper Lifers
This isn't about the church 'Deeper Life Christian Fellowship' itself but the religious extremists or the fanatics. These people are so engrossed in religious activities that they devote less time on their academic works. You'll see them at d sport complex almost everyday. Indeed the sport complex has been transformed to a prayer ground. The girls dress wear scarfs, blouse and then skirts or long skirts, they never apply makeup, I mean never!.

2. The Jackers
You don't wanna mess with these guys and their 'books'. They spend 12hours+ reading textbooks, notes, materials and they never get tired reading them. They move from their respective halls to class, to the library, to the academics and back to their halls. Some don't even sleep their rooms. They look malnourished at times, with bulgy eyes and their backpacks are full of books.

3. The Social Lifers
Yeah! I love these guys, I think most of us fall in this category though. You see, these guys attend classes but not all of them. They definitely know how to balance their academic life with their social life.They dress exquisitely, do 'paroles' at night, you can see them at night at locations like anglomoz(freshers), motion ground, SUB, archi garden. They attend parties and even go to church regularly. Some of them read during school period and many read at the exam period, you'll see them ODLT I & II at night. As a matter of fact, they get the good grades but maybe not the best grades. Most of the students in the faculty of technology, arts, social sciences and maybe law fall into this category.

4. The Niggas n Bitches
Permit me to use those words. These are the party people, they never balance their academic life with their social life, I think the SUB is their main zone, they always wait for that 'let's party' cue. They literary don't give a Bleep about academic works. You'll see them in cars carrying girls and they're always happy. These guys dress like superstars and they roll with the party bangers, rappers etc. They mostly stay off campus too.

5. The 'Never Letting Go'
These guys have actually graduated from school or have been rusticated/suspended or they might just be outsiders. They are lovers of the school environment. They roll with students of course and spend their days wandering around the halls. There's a saying about OAU that if 'You get inside the system, you never wanna go out' . You'll see them at the TV rooms/common room chatting, discussing politics and soccer. Everything about OAU is lovable mehn! Everything about OAU is GREAT!!!