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10 Types Of Students You Must Meet In The Lecture Hall...

Yes, we are at it again. Note, this post is just for fun, before taking it personal o. Always free to share after reading , and keep the fun rolling.

Yes. Our Topic is based on Tertiary institutions,and the classes of people you would find there, especially in the Lecture hall. Its not been easy o, but it been Fun and also more funny, knowing that you fall into one of these categories that would be Listed below.

1. The photocopy Brethren : O' ma God. These guys, can be so so funny that they tend to photocopy any material, that comes their way.These guys don't joke with any thing that has white and black in it. No try them at all o because, if you don't respect yourself, they might photocopy You too.

2.THE ON-LOOKERS: These guys, can look ! chai. When you see them looking, you will be thinking "O this man have thought this course to the Fullest"These ones cannot really be classified as good-listeners because they just come to class look at the lecturer, so confused. Whether the lecturer speak German or speaking gibberish or mambo jumbo, all they do, is to look. look is their own. Why he ask do you understand? Na them dey shout ?yeeeeees? Na so them go dey look till exam finish.

3. The Late-comers Gang: These guys are the badoos of the class,as they just tip into the class.Did i even say tip ? They bounce into the class, and go straight to the back sit because, the , other features, have occupied the front sit.

4. The Usain Bolt type of Brethren : These set of guys, can run. I even experienced one this week self.They don't wait for the first lecture to finish, they are already at the door . Most times i do wonder if they copy note at all because, before the lecturer, drops his Marker, they have escaped Voommmm.

5. The Arguement Lord : These set of guys are those ones, that claim to be Gurus. They come into the class, sit down and start up one argument. Guess these set of Guys can be found in almost all the department, they can be so annoying if you know that what they are saying is wrong.
Eg : Argument Badoo: Guy, You hear say Mark Zuckerberg na Nigeria ?

6.THE BORROWERS LEAGUE: Whether they are students, or non-learning students, I don?t just understand. These people can never have pen or calculator even inside exam hall, they keep borrowing till their bag is full of everything.

7. The Questionnaires Club : O' Baba, these guys, can ask question like mad. They ask both the reasonable and Unreasonable, though some ask out of context and annoying questions. These guys can be good in extending the lecturers time, as they tend to ask questions, even when they know it is time up.You can imagine somebody asking ?sir, should I write my name on my answer booklet before submitting?? Or "Sir, Can we come to Lectures Early"

No, Come Late! Lol

8.THE Fashionista Brethren: All they pray for is people to look at them and WOW. They have the latest dress in Vogue. They wear different clothes everyday and try to intimate any Tom or Harry that comes their way.These guys can be so weird when you step on their shoes.

9. The Serious Ones : These ones are not mostly the smashers in class, but they tend to pay attention and give no damn whatso ever of any distraction. They come to lecture early and "Some of Them Stay back to argue on what the Lecturer, thought". Some guys in category 5 are sometimes among these crew.

10.THE NON ACADEMIC STUDENTS: These ones always have something to do somewhere. They just want the lecture to end so that they can go sharp sharp.

Though I said 10 , but Let me add this 1

11. The "Dem they write Name Brethren" : These guys like writing names like mad.They don't care what the name is all about, all they know is : What are you doing ?
I am writing my name, and next: If you finish, Make i write. These guys are much in most schools .